Your brand messaging with our AI-guided Content-as-a-Service

Are you a pharma company, wellness brand or a consumer health company? Sparrho helps improve reach and engagement with your customers

4x ROI with monthly returning Healthcare Professionals for a Global Pharmaceutical giant

200% growth in global reach for a Research Institute

Sparrho for Wellness

A consistent and proven engagement process for your customers


We aggregate, curate and summarise scientific content

Sparrho curates and summarises science into pinboards and 3-min digests


We integrate content directly into your digital channels (website, CRM, email and social media)

Sparrho integrates digital content seamlessly


We give you a 360° view into your customer reach and engagement via our enhanced analytics

Sparrho specialises in understanding content preferences

Watch Sparrho CEO Dr Vivian Chan’s Keynote at MWC Barcelona 2019 here

Thursday February 28 from 9.30am - 10.45am CET

Evidence-based marketing builds trusted brands

Pharmaceutical, Consumer Health and Wellness brands thrive on trust.

Our Content-as-a-Service platform offers an unbiased source of information. It looks at more than 60M peer-reviewed papers to extract the most relevant ones that matter to you. This extraordinary feat is made possible by our native AI and a dedicated community of human editors.

Simplified science for all

Here at Sparrho, we want to build a different and better world. In this age of information overload, we're breaking down the barriers in all industries to make science research and evidence easily accessible to all.