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To launch a new product or showcase thought leadership, research-based companies use up to 12 different digital platforms. Companies also spend billions every year creating new media content to explain the research and science behind it. Here at Sparrho, our mission is to simplify life for you as well as your customers.

Let the science do the talking

Educate your customers, demonstrate your thought leadership or train your employees by curating research and supplementary information around your focus areas. Mixing peer-reviewed publications with your proprietary content provides your audience with the latest, most relevant science, all in one place.

A community of science communicators

On Sparrho, experts share their knowledge by creating Pinboards, visual collections of cutting-edge research from their fields, contextualised by their own written summaries that transform even the most complex research papers into digestible formats. Use Sparrho's own network of experts or use your own. No matter what you choose, we'll help you get on your way.

Augmented not artificial intelligence

Humans are still best at finding non-linear connections between research articles, especially in multidisciplinary fields, which is why our users are a vital part of our ecosystem. Sparrho learns from all user interactions to provide better, more targeted recommendations. And to ensure we cover everything you need, we check 45,000 journals every day to give you access to the latest, most relevant research.

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Sparrho helps companies to...


Creating a digital relationship with your end users is crucial to meeting sales and marketing targets over the next years. Sparrho provides you with a digital platform where you can both provide relevant content and interact with your end user.


Today, end users are asking for relevant, educational content from their providers. Sparrho helps you provide science backed educational resources to your end users so they always have access to the latest most relevant research.


Understanding interests and trends from your users is important as it helps you tailor future content. Sparrho helps you analyse what your end users are loooking at or searching for.

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