Simplified science to build trusted brands

Sparrho is revolutionising the way businesses access and participate in the scientific thinking process.


Our future

We want to build a world to be a better and different place. In this world all of us are distracted by abundant information. We wish to break this barrier to make science and facts easily accessible with an uncompromising vision for the future.

How do we achieve this vision?

Our Content-as-a-Service platform allows dissemination of information without any opinions. Our platform looks at more than 60M peer-reviewed papers to extract the most relevant ones that matter to you. This extraordinary feat is made possible by our native AI and a dedicated community of human editors.

We implement an API with our platform that works seamlessly to derive and provide relevant content for your brand. This content can be securely accessed within your portals.

How will you use Sparrho?


Our enhanced search brings extensive catalogue of scientific research to your fingertips


Curated collection that offers thoughtfully skimmed view of captured research


3-min digests offer the ultimate simplified view of science where the incomprehensible jargon feels right at home

Content Distribution

Easily integrate Sparrho content into your existing channels like emails, WeChat, Facebook, blogs, and more


Understand the reach and engagement of your scientific content

What do we want your businesses to achieve?

A connection with scientific thinking. We want businesses to utilise science to build better and trusted brands.

With Sparrho’s platform, a pharmaceutical giant is seeing 20% monthly improvement in engagement with HCPs and MSLs. A research institute is seeing outreach in various countries being improved by more than 200%.

Designed for you

Current Solutions

Pharma and Wellness

Improved engagement and outreach for HCPs with your brand

Upcoming Solutions

FMCG and Education

Brand recognition through improved evidence-based marketing content